CompBioMed Student Visualisation Competition (SVC)

Announcing the CompBioMed Student Visualisation Competition!

This is the first year of the CompBioMed Student Visualisation Competition (SVC) and a chance for students to demonstrate their visualisation skills in the field of biomedicine. The SVC asks students to submit their cinematic and intriguing visualisations of biomedical data / simulation data. These visualisations need to have been created no earlier than 2022. Each team’s submission will be reviewed by biomedicine and visualisation experts to identify and highlight this year‘s outstanding student visualisations.

The SVC poses the challenge of creating cinematic and intriguing visualisations out of biomedical data / simulation data. This competition offers students the chance to be recognised for their visualisations as well as a plattform to present their skills and achievements.

Superb prizes will be awarded to the best posters, with prizes funded by Exscientia.

The goals of the SVC:

  • Provide an opportunity for students from a variety of backgrounds (e.g., computer science, HCI, biomedicine, etc.) to participate in the CompBioMed conference and demonstrate their visualisation skills.
  • Empower students to expand their network and meet with experts and experienced professionals of various fields.

The visualisation Brief: Cinematic Rendering for spatial Biomedicine

Cinematic visualisations have the ability of displaying complex data in a way that is visually pleasing and informative for viewers. Visualisations are used to convey the results of simulations and analyse the findings but also as a tool for science communication. For the SVC, students are asked to submit their cinematic visualisation of spatial biomedical data in the form of a still image. In the extended abstract, students must describe the underlying data set they visualised, the visualisation methods they chose to display the data, and their reasoning for choosing these methods.


Submission deadline: 15th of August 2023, 23:59:59 AoE (Anywhere on Earth) == GMT/UTC-12:00

Who can submit?

Submissions are possible for teams of one to five students. There is no limit to the number of teams that may compete from any given university or organization. However, one student cannot be part of multiple teams.

Submissions are invited from students at all stages of their university careers, from undergraduate to postgraduate level. While not a mandatory requirement, it is strongly encouraged that the teams put forward a multidisciplinary and/or multi-national team.

The SVC is for students. Submit proof of student status by sending a note signed by your academic supervisor verifying the following information:

  • Your university
  • Whether you were a graduate (i.e., Masters or Doctoral level) or undergraduate (i.e., Bachelor level) when the work was done, or confirm that you are either currently registered in an academic program full-time, or will return to be a student in the upcoming semester.

Each team must provide one proof package – a single file containing a scanned proof document for each team member – together with their project submission.

Top 5 submissions are selected and the award ceremony will be held at the conference. There are three types of awards to be won (committee, peer and public). Details to the award ceremony to follow.

Preparing Your Submission

A SVC submission has two main components:

  1. The visualisation:
    • Image (up to 1GB in size) either .png or .jpg
    • 9933 x 14043 pixels (Din A0 portrait) format.
    • Data:
      • Spatial biomedical data
      • Simulated spatial biomedical data
      • No publication but if in a publication then nothing before 2022
        • created recently, within the last ~1.5 years
  1. A manuscript / extended abstract:
    • A pdf using the compbiomed abstract template
    • Up to two pages including references.
    • Describe the data they visualised.
    • What visualisation methods they used to display the data and why they used these.
  1. Other: Proof package (proof of student status) and other supplementary material, e.g. movies.

Where to Submit

SVC images and manuscripts are submitted via linklings.