Invited Speakers

Biomedical Applications


  • Prof. Nik Maniatis, University College London
  • Dr Toby Andrew, Imperial College London
  • Dr Maria Secrier, University College London
  • Dr Igor Ruiz De Los Mozos, Francis Crick Institute

Molecular Medicine

  • Dr Katharina Meier, Bayer
  • Dr Gerhard König, ETH Zürich
  • Dr Donald Weaver, Krembil Research Institute
  • Prof Jonathan Essex, University of Southampton
  • Dr Christina Schindler, Merck KGaA

Organ Modelling and Simulation

  • Dr Xinshan Li, University of Sheffield
  • Dr Mirko Bonfanti, University College London
  • Dr Alberto Marzo, University of Sheffield
  • Dr Alejandro Liberos, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia


  • Dr Jonathan Wagg, Roche
  • Dr Omer Dushek, University of Oxford
  • Dr Becca Asquith, Imperial College London


  • Dr Dwight Nissley, Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc
  • Dr Fred Streitz, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Dr Georgia Tourassi, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Dr Mari Nygård, Cancer Registry of Norway
  • Prof Tim Hubbard, Kings College London


Multiscale Modelling

  • Prof. Maggie Johnson, John Hopkins University
  • Dr Gábor Závodszky, University of Amsterdam

Role of Theory, Modelling and Simulation in Biomedicine

  • Prof Tom McLeish, University of York
  • Prof Mike Dustin, University of Oxford

Machine Learning, Big Data & AI

  • Dr James Cole, Kings College London
  • Prof Tony Hey, Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)
  • Marwin Segler, BenevolentAI

Uncertainty Quantification

  • Prof Richard Clayton, University of Sheffield
  • Prof Peter Challenor, University of Exeter

From Quantum AI to the Virtual Human

  • Prof Prineha Narang, Harvard
  • Dr Vivien Kendon, Durham University
  • Anita Ramanan, Microsoft

Technology and Outreach

Imaging & Visualisation

  • Prof Abbes Amira, Qatar University
  • Guillermo Marin, Barcelona Supercomputing Center
  • Dr Thomas Odaker, Leibniz Rechenzentrum (LRZ)

Regulatory Science and in silico Trials

    • Dr Tina Morrison, US Food and Drug Administration
    • Dr Flora Musuamba, European Medicines Agency

Cloud & High Performance Computing

  • Dr Alexandre Bonvin, Utrecht University
  • Dr Wolfgang Gentzsch, UberCloud
  • Dr Andrew Grant, Atos

Innovation in Modern Biotechnology

  • Dr Mariano Vazquez, Barcelona Supercomputing Centre
  • Cristin Merritt, Alces-Flight
  • Luca Emili, InSilicoTrials
  • Franck Chevalier, Acellera

Education, Training & Public Awareness

    • Prof Benny Chain, University College London
    • Prof Rick Stevens, Argonne National Laboratory
    • Prof Andrea Townsend-Nicholson, University College London
    • Dr Jeremy Yates, University College London
    • Dr Anneke Seller, Health Education England
    • Dr Nikolas Maniatis, University College London