Symposia 2023

The symposia at CBMC23 will cover all manner of aspects of computational biomedicine across the themes of Biomedical Applications, Methodology, and Technology & Outreach:


Biomedical Applications Methodology Technology and Outreach

Digital Twins and Personalised Medicine

Track chair: Peter Coveney

Invited Speaker: Dr Jun Deng, Yale School of Medicine

Surrogate Modelling

Track chair: Gabor Zavodszky

Imaging & Visualisation

Track chair: Elisabeth Mayer

Molecular Medicine

Track chair: Andrea Townsend-Nicholson

Ensemble workflows, verification, validation and uncertainty quantification (SEAVEA)

Track chair: Derek Groen

In Silico Themed Session

Track chair: Jazmin Aguado Sierra

Organ Modelling and Simulation

Track chair: Andrew Narracott

Towards the path to Exascale Computing

Track chair: Marco Verdicchio

From desktop to HPC and beyond in the clinic

Track chair: Phil Luthert

Computationally Intense Modelling in Immunology

Track chair: Tim Elliott


Track chair: Natalia Jimenez

Education, Training & Public Awareness

Track chair: Carlos Teijeiro Barjas