Innovation in Modern Biotechnology

Invited Speakers

  • Mariano Vazquez, Barcelona Supercomputing Centre
  • Cristin Merritt, Alces-Flight
  • Luca Emili, InSilicoTrials
  • Raimondas Galvelis, Acellera

Symposium Chair

  • Herman Van Vlijmen, Head of Molecular Sciences

Symposium Description

This symposium covers examples of development of academic research in biomedical computational simulations into commercial opportunities. Presentation topics can include (but are not limited to) commercialisation of software, companies that use computation as an essential component in product design and/or development, or setting up expert consultancy services. Success stories, pitfalls, and practical considerations are all of great value to share with the community of biomedical computational simulations.

Thursday 26th September, 13:00 – 15:00; Turing Lecture Theatre

Time Speaker Title
13:00 Mariano Vazquez
(Invited Speaker)
ELEM Biotech – The Virtual Humans Factory
13:20 Cristin Merritt
(Invited Speaker)
Balancing Research and Production: Alces Flight’s take on building up commercial compute
13:40 Raimondas Galvelis
(Invited Speaker)
The rise of PlayMolecule
14:00 Luca Emili
(Invited Speakers)
InSilicoTrials.Com: A Cloud-Based Platform to Drive Technology Transfer of Modeling and Simulation Tools across Healthcare
14:20 Panel Discussion