Education, Training & Public Awareness

Invited Speakers

  • Prof Benny Chain, University College London
  • Prof Rick Stevens, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Prof Andrea Townsend-Nicholson, University College London
  • Dr Jeremy Yates, University College London
  • Dr Anneke Seller, Health Education England
  • Dr Nikolas Maniatis, University College London

Symposium Description

The ability to use computational methodologies to make explicit predictions of the behaviour of biomedical systems that are rapid, precise and accurate will make huge advances in personalised and precision medicine, ultimately leading to the ability to inform clinical decision-making on the timescale needed for patient care. To achieve this, future generations of scientists and medical practitioners need to be trained in the basic medical and clinical contexts of high-performance computing simulation.

Training of existing researchers in academia, industry and clinical practice, when complemented by education of medical, science and engineering students affords a means of providing the computational biomedicine expertise needed to realise this goal. In this symposium, we shall explore ways in which training and education strategies can be developed and delivered to a very heterogeneous set of end users at varying career stages, how these educational templates can be scaled and delivered to a large number of end users and how communities of practice for the next generation of computational biomedicine practitioners can be established.

Symposium Chair

  • Andrea Townsend-Nicholson, Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology