From Quantum AI to the Virtual Human

Invited Speakers

  • Prof Prineha Narang, Harvard
  • Dr Vivien Kendon, Durham University
  • Prof Sergio Boixio, Google
  • Anita Ramanan, Microsoft

Symposium Description

Advanced scientific computing projects such as the Virtual Human represent the pinnacle of ninety years of development of conventional classical computing. Quantum computers represent a completely different approach to information processing. Future quantum computers can be used for highly secure data management; to solve chemical problems in drug and materials design; and potentially solve complex optimisation problems in machine learning. In the next decade we expect quantum computers to solve problems that lie beyond capabilities of existing computers. We will assess the prospects for the advent of such machines, and their implications for projects such as the Virtual Human that are at the frontier of advanced scientific computing.

Symposium Chair

  • Peter Love, Associate Professor in Department of Physics and Astronomy