Expanded Programme 25th September


Wednesday 25th September

KELVIN LECTURE THEATRE: Organ Modelling and Simulation

Time Speaker Title
11:00 Alejandro Liberos
(Invited Speaker)
Use of 3D atrial models to improve signal processing in cardiac electrophysiology
11:20 Robin Richardson An automated pipeline for real time visualisation of blood flow during treatment of intracranial aneurysms
11:35 Tamas Jozsa A cerebral circulation model for in silico clinical trials of ischaemic stroke
11:50 Britt Van Rooij Platelet adhesion and aggregation: Cell-resolved simulations and In vitro experiments
12:05 Remy Petkantchin A Three-dimensionnal Mesoscopic Model of Thrombolysis
12:20 End of Session
12:30 LUNCH

TURING LECTURE THEATRE: Machine Learning, Big Data & AI

Time Speaker Title
11:00 James Cole
(Invited Speaker)
Machine learning models of brain ageing in health and disease;
11:20 Clint Davis-Taylor Automated Parameter Tuning for Living Heart Human Model using Machine Leaning and Multiscale Simulations
11:35 David Wright Combining molecular simulation and machine learning to INSPIRE improved cancer therapy
11:50 Amanda Minnich Safety, Reproducibility, Performance: Accelerating cancer drug discovery with ML and HPC technologies
12:05 Fangfang Xia Deep Medical Image Analysis with Representation Learning and Neuromorphic Computing
12:20 Rick Stevens Deep Learning in Cancer Drug Response Prediction
12:35 LUNCH

WATSON WATT ROOM: Uncertainty Quantification

Time Speaker Title
11:00 Richard Clayton
(Invited Speaker)
Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of cardiac cell models with Gaussian process emulators
11:20 Ritabrata Dutta Pathological Test for Cardio/cerebrovascular diseases: Platelets dynamics and Approximate Bayesian computation
11:35 Alberto Marzo Use of a Gaussian process emulator and 1D circulation model to characterize cardiovascular pathologies and guide clinical treatment
11:50 Peter Challenor
(Invited Speaker)
Uncertainty quantification and the calibration of numerical models
12:10 End of Session
12:30 LUNCH

KELVIN LECTURE THEATRE: Organ Modelling and Simulation

Time Speaker Title
13:30 Mirko Bonfanti
(Invited Speaker)
Multi-scale, patient-specific modelling approaches to predict neointimal hyperplasia growth in femoro-popliteal bypass grafts
13:50 Gaia Franzetti In vivo, in silico, in vitro patient-specific analysis of the haemodynamics of a Type-B Aortic Dissection
14:05 Bettine van Willigen AngioSupport: an interactive tool to support coronary intervention
14:20 Jon McCullough Developments for the Efficient Self-coupling of HemeLB
14:35 Cyril Karamaoun Interplay between thermal transfers and degradation of the bronchial epithelium during exercise
14:50 Giulia Luraghi Simulation of the thrombectomy procedure in a realistic intracranial artery
15:05 End of Session

TURING LECTURE THEATRE: Quantum AI to the Virtual Human

Time Speaker Title
13:30 Peter Love Introduction
13:45 Prineha Narang
(Invited Speaker)
Excited-State Dynamics: Linking Classical and Quantum Approaches
14:15 Vivien Kendon
(Invited Speaker)
Quantum computing using continuous-time evolution
14:45 Anita Ramanan and Frances Tibble
(Invited Speakers)
Quantum Inspired Optimisation: Transforming Healthcare Imaging using Quantum-accelerated Algorithms
15:05 Crispin Keable Atos Quantum Learning Machine: Heading towards a quantum-accelerated life science
15:20 Peter Coveney Quantum AI to the Virtual Human: Where’s the Virtual Human?


Time Speaker Title
13:30 Maria Secrier
(Invited Speaker)
Reconstructing mutational histories of oesophageal cancer
13:50 Igor Ruiz de Los Mozos
(Invited Speaker)
CDK11 binds chromatin and mRNAs of replication dependent histones regulating their expression.
14:10 Nik Maniatis
(Invited Speaker)
The power of high-resolution population-specific genetic maps to dissect the genetic architecture of complex diseases: Type 2 Diabetes as an example
14:30 Toby Andrew
(Invited Speaker)
Genetic fine-mapping and targeted sequencing to investigate allelic heterogeneity and molecular function at genomic disease susceptibility loci for Type 2 Diabetes
14:50 Hannah Maude Pathway analysis reveals genetic regulation of mitochondrial function and branched-chain amino acid catabolism in Type 2 Diabetes
15:00 Karoline Kuchenbaecker Trans-ethnic colocalization: A novel approach to assess the transferability of trait loci across populations
15:10 Julia Ramírez The Genetic Architecture of T-wave Morphology Restitution
15:20 Stefan van Duijvenboden Genetic architecture of QT dynamics and resting QT in the general population

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