Multiscale Modelling

Invited Speakers

  • Prof. Maggie Johnson, John Hopkins University
  • Dr Gábor Závodszky, University of Amsterdam

Symposium Description

The human body is an inherently multiscale phenomenon, comprising a range of physical processes, ranging in length and time scales from atomic movements, involved in e.g. drug-binding, all the way up to human population dynamics and epidemiology. As a logical consequence, modelling aspects of the human body frequently require modelling approaches, where simulated processes on one scale are applied to inform those on one or more simulated processes on different scales and, if necessary, vice versa.

This symposium focuses on these types of multiscale models in biomedicine. We are particularly seeking contributions that propose new multiscale models and algorithms, ground-breaking applications in industry or society, new tools and formalisms to strengthen the fabric of multiscale modelling approaches in biomedicine approaches, and efforts to validate multiscale models against measurements.

Symposium Chair

  • Derek Groen, Lecturer in Simulation and Modelling