Cloud & High Performance Computing

Invited Speakers

  • Dr Alexandre Bonvin, Utrecht University
  • Dr Vikram Saletore, Intel
  • Dr Wolfgang Gentzsch, UberCloud

Symposium Description

High fidelity biomedical simulation addresses systems of immense complexity, in three dimensional space as well as time. This frequently calls for access to very powerful computers, including the most powerful ones available globally today. For applications in clinical medicine, modelling and simulation based on personal data must be conducted not only with high fidelity, and in a secure manner to address information governance regulations, but also rapidly since the outcomes should be actionable, in the sense of providing real time decision support for clinicians.

Topic for consideration include, but are not limited to, high performance computing (HPC) requirements for biomedical applications, such as software development, scalability of codes and other associated performance metrics, as well as support for access mechanisms which are unconventional by traditional HPC centre standards (such as advance reservation and urgent computing), the use of visualisation and computational steering along with secure data staging and storage. Modern commercial cloud environments can be brought increasingly seamlessly into juxtaposition with HPC resources, and the two technologies further aligned through new technologies such as containerisation. Cybersecurity and quality of service are key metrics for assessing the reliability and performance of these technologies.

Symposium Chair

  • Marco Verdicchio, IT Consultant, SURFsara